Caroline Day

Caroline Day

Caroline Day

Coach Caroline Day is a Lupus warrior and two-time Half-Ironman finisher.  She has used lifestyle and nutrition changes to affect all aspects of health in herself and others.  Caroline lost 50lbs when she began a journey into wellness, which led to the decision to pay it forward as a wellness coach. When Caroline is not coaching, or concocting smoothie recipes, she enjoys cats, bourbon, and Elvis trivia.

Nutrition Strategies for Health and Wellness
Friday: 1pm
Saturday: 11am
Sunday: 11am

Struggling with healthy food choices? Learn how to make better eating decisions and adapt a different approach to nutrition while optimizing your health and wellness.

The Importance of Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery for Optimal Health
Friday: 4pm
Saturday: 4pm

Come learn strategies to help manage stress, and focus on getting enough sleep to recover for our next day and be energetic, healthy and happy all week!

Nutrition Strategies for Women as We Age
Saturday: 2pm

As we age, we may struggle to stay energetic and manage some of the symptoms of peri- and post-menopause Discover some tweaks to nutrition and lifestyle that can help us stay strong, healthy, and active as we move through the later years.

Nutrition for Athletes
Sunday: 1pm

Who is an athlete? Anyone who exercises on Purpose! As athletes – we have specialized nutrition needs to help us fuel that exercise and then recover – to do it all again! Let’s talk about the right types of nutrition strategies to keep us feeling our best and ready for whatever is next.

Wellness Coaching Q&A Session
Sunday: 2pm

What is wellness coaching all about – how can it help you, what does it entail and who is a ‘right fit’ for coaching? We will cover Individual coaching, group coaching, and holistic views of health.